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How To Properly Clean Your Medical Scrubs

Basics of Cleaning Medical Scrubs

How To Properly Clean Your Medical Scrubs? This article describes how to properly wash and disinfect your medical scrubs. It’s important for healthcare professionals like nurses, to look good in their medical uniforms at all times. Historically medical scrubs were made of cotton fabric and came in two colors, white or green. (see Blog on Types of Scrubs). 

Why Your Company Needs A Uniform Program?

What is a Uniform Program?

A system or process put in place to enable a company to outfit their employees in identical, branded or non-branded apparel.  Companies generally work with a retailer or wholesaler to supply uniforms that meet specific needs. This can be managed by the company administrator or a retailer’s Uniform Program to include selection, tracking and fulfillment of all uniform orders.

Which Color of Scrubs Are Commonly Worn By Nurses?

What Do Different Color Scrubs Mean?

Colors for medical scrubs can be broken down into three categories:  traditional, fashionable and print/pattern colors.  White was the original color of choice in operating rooms in the 1940’s, signifying cleanliness.  This soon changed as a result of white causing visual fatigue, headaches and eye strain for nursing and surgeons. Also, very difficult to get blood stains out of white scrubs. While the perception of color is subjective, some effects of color have universal meaning.