Why Your Company Needs A Uniform Program?

Why Your Company Needs A Uniform Program?

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An important aspect of any business is brand awareness.  This is done in many ways, including the uniform the employee’s wear.  The most important brand advocate for any company is their employees.  This is where a Uniform Program can be of significant value and benefit.

What is a Uniform Program?

A system or process put in place to enable a company to outfit their employees in identical, branded or non-branded apparel.  Companies generally work with a retailer or wholesaler to supply uniforms that meet specific needs. This can be managed by the company administrator or a retailer’s Uniform Program to include selection, tracking and fulfillment of all uniform orders.

Ways Companies Use a Uniform Program

Being responsible for uniform purchasing should be simple, whether you are a private practice or a large organization. Many companies like healthcare organizations use Uniform Programs in various ways.

  • Healthcare Organizations: Hospitals/Clinics/Private Practices
  • Schools and Universities
  • Home Health Professionals
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Dental Offices

Some facilities order uniforms for their teams or the employees are individually responsible for ordering their own medical uniforms. Either way, a Uniform Program can provide a customized company/employee portal to make the selection and ordering process easy.  Companies can select specific uniforms for employees to choose from when logging into the company’s portal, eliminating confusion and compliance issues.  Companies can also pay for the uniforms for their employees or employees can pay on their own. Payments can range from group discounts, net 30 terms and payroll deduction.  The options are varied and designed to meet the individual needs of the company.

Boost Employee Morale

Uniform Programs can boost an employee’s morale. They are a great team building option for employees like nurses and other healthcare professionals. A company’s overall customer service as well as brand awareness can also be improved.  Many companies have reported a high level of employee engagement due to having a Unform Program. It is proven that employee engagement and team mentality have a direct effect on employee commitment.

  • Employees feel more like members of a team
  • Way for Companies to show value in employees
  • Staff loyalty
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced turnover/ Staff retention

In all, a Uniform Program is an investment into your company as well as your employees. You can see now that understanding the true value of a Uniform Program beyond just supplying a uniform is important.  The question now is, “does your company have one or need one?” Scrubs To The Rescue has worked with healthcare facilities large and small to supply medical scrubs. We reduce the stress by managing the ordering process for you. Contact us to learn more on how we can add value in implementing or managing your companies Uniform Program.

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