Why we choose the styles you love

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When we decide on styles we always keep our customers in mind. We also are women and love the latest trends and styles and we love to shop! The top three things we keep in mind is fit, price, and the durability. 

Let’s face it no one wants scrubs that don’t last and most healthcare professionals wear there scrubs 3-5 days a week on 8-12 hour shifts. When I got into healthcare I learned very quickly all scrubs aren’t good scrubs! As a new healthcare professional starting a new job I couldn’t afford the $60 set of scrubs so I opt for the $20 set and let me tell you worst mistake EVER! They were bulky, uncomfortable, and cheaply made. 

This was five years ago and the uniform business wasn’t what it is today. That stuck with me all these years and we have made a commitment to our customers to pick the vibrant colors, the best fabrics, and keeping it in a price range for all shoppers. Everyone isn’t made the same way, doesn’t likes the same things, or have the same budget so it’s important to have a good variety and with the companies we work with and we feel like we have hand selected the perfect styles for all of you.

Let us make a believer out of you by shopping with us! 

-Scrubs To The Rescue  

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